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18 August 2012 @ 02:09 am
Hello~ Anyone's still around?

This is the last post in erraine as I will enter a period of indefinite hiatus. I will be entering university this September! While I am unsure if I have time to do colourings when I start classes, I hope I will still be active in Twitter and Tumblr. The title for this batch is Summer : Rain.

The series included, are:
Aki [ Angel's Doubt's Force, Hanamatsuri's Fujiwaka, and Utahime's Cain and Maria ]
Mori Kaoru [ Otoyomegatari's Azel and Pariya ]
Mochizuki Jun [ Pandora Hearts's Gilbert Baskerville, Oswald Baskerville, and Oz Vessalius ]
Takahashi Ryo [ Toxic's Louis Ogami ]
Hino Matsuri [ Vampire Knight's Hanabusa, Kaname and Yuuki ]

one of the differences when it comes to artstyle is the way the eyes are drawnCollapse )

You can use the colourings for graphical purposes.
If there's my credit on it, it remains there for good.
Questions, always ask me. Comments are appreciated.
Do not claim the colouring as yours.
All rights belong to respective artists. I only claim the colouring works.
Please watch this community for updates.
20 May 2012 @ 05:12 pm
Hello everyone! Atemu's here!
It's been almost six months since the last post in erraine! How is everyone? I'm sorry if anyone missed me since I was busy in matriculation college. Thankfully, I finished the matriculation programme on the 26th of April and currently spending my time at home with family. I have a lot of things to catch up -- but it's more of discovering new things. I spent 3 days watching Guilty Crown which is an instant love. The OST is just AH-mazing. I started watching Japanese drama, which are Papadol! and Mirai Nikki. I am following the Korean variety show introduced by my roommate, Running Man. It is also AH-mazing.

Can I mention I have a new niece? :D

In this post, I present to you FIFTY colourings! Unlike the last post, I will only provide commentaries for 25 colourings while the remaining 25 will be directed to their respective posts. The titles featured in this batch include Aruosumente, Kuroshitsuji, naked ape's DOLLS, Ilegenes, Kusakawa Nari's Dinner in My Coffin, Meru Puri, Hino Matsuri's Panya-san, Pandora Hearts, TOXIC, Yukarism and Vampire Knight.

it's the season of may to celebrate my return to this placeCollapse )

Now, a shameless promotion. I spend a lot of time at Tumblr these days. My personal Tumblr is amomentlikealways but I also use my sideblog frequently, hisnameiskuran. It is formerly known as askkurankaname but I am not much of a RP blog so I changed the name. I like to spam people dashboard with various manga caps and edits. Please follow if you are interested. :D

You can use the colourings for graphical purposes.
If there's my credit on it, it remains there for good.
Questions, always ask me. Comments are appreciated.
Do not claim the colouring as yours.
All rights belong to respective artists. I only claim the colouring works.
Please watch this community for updates.
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09 May 2012 @ 02:33 am
20TH MAY 2012

Umm. Hello, watchers? I'm back.
It's the 10th of November, and as I promised, here is the November Super Surprise! A total of twenty five colourings (+ 4 unreleased as well as 1 wip)! This is my second colouring compilation, from August to November. Since I am resuming the second semester of college in mid-November, I believe it's wise that I post the colourings in here before I leave. If you are a frequent watcher of my deviantArt or my Tumblr, most of these colourings have appeared. Well... as individual and group posts, but never as a whole collection, right? I like to keep stuffs and reveal it altogether so here's the November Super Surprise! ENJOY.

The November Super Surprise features a lot of Kaname (alone, with Yuuki or with Takuma). There's also a Zero from chapter 50. As usual, Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts always make their entrances. Bride of the Water God featuring Soah and TOXIC featuring Louis Ogami make their on-off appearance. The unreleased colourings are colourings that I did but never formally post it anywhere. More details on respective colourings. I also feature a work in progress, that's meant to be colouring #24 but that's not the case. Perhaps you are wondering why?

These are my presents, for all of you, thank you for the support!Collapse )



You are free to use any of my colourings for graphical purposes. If there's my credit on it, it remains there for good.
If you wish for non-texture or textless version, always ask. Questions, always ask me. Comments are appreciated.
Do not claim the colouring as yours. All rights belong to respective artists. I only claim the colouring works.
Please watch this community for updates. I am in college, thus, less posting but more stuffs in each batch.

Goodbye for now and... this is tiring.
04 November 2011 @ 12:29 am
Hades ain't working so I'm using Kaname instead. I'll remove that part of tutorial and leave the other Hades colouring intact. :)

OK. Ready to start colouring? Let's start!
You must have basic Photoshop skills such as knowing where to find the adjustment(s), polygonal lasso tool and minimum knowledge of using the Smudge Tool.

Well... it's not too detailed.Collapse )

will edit this entry to fix the formatting at another time.
18 September 2011 @ 01:46 am
i won't shut up until i announce it's my birthday!

I have a self present that I want to share with everyone because it's a special day for me.
I hope all of you will like it.
please credit if you are using!
feel free to watch me for updates!

How unfortunate it must have been to endure all of this for so long ---Collapse )
16 September 2011 @ 10:38 am
I couldn't resist!

I cleaned the background. Fixed the image quality. Smudged the blood endlessly. Skin's done.
After so long, his skin turned out right after all. I'm doing this as slow and careful as possible.

I'm watching (listening) this video while doing the colouring. It is really inspiring. There's moments I feel like crying as well. Who here loves Disney? Raise your hands. I do! In fact, my Tumblr account is full of random things from Disney, as well as beautiful and cute things. :3

Yes, I do have a Tumblr. It's amomentlikealways.tumblr.com
15 September 2011 @ 10:48 pm

I received several requests for manga colouring tutorial. Honestly, I am not good at writing tutorial since I don't always follow the tutorials I read. I do, however, take the important points.

I'm going to show you how I colour Hades from Olimpos by Aki in a series of unknown parts. Ask me to complete a tutorial from A to Z and you shall see me not finishing even a single step.

There will be a better tutorial when I find a better subject to colour, I promise! For now, since this is also a colouring request, I'm doing two things at once.

Let's begin!


Feel free to watch this community for updates!
26 August 2011 @ 09:02 pm
Hello, everyone! I'm currently on mid semester and Eid holidays. One week's over, so another week to go. I took the precious time, besides resting, to complete a few colourings. I wonder if ten colourings are considered as ' a few' -- haha? Also, simple icons for all of you. :)

featuring; kuran kaname from vampire knight, elizabeth midford and undertaker from kuroshitsuji, ganymede and apollo from olimpos, oz vessalius and leo baskerville from pandora hearts, loukas ogami from toxic. the icons? well, basically from these series and feature my other works, too.

the post you have been waiting for!Collapse )

Feel free to add this community to your watchers' list for future updates. I won't be updating constantly due to college but when there's opportunity, I'll post them up. Always remember that I usually post my colourings at deviantArt first. So, check that place from time to time.

Be a courteous person and do not claim the colouring as yours!
You are free to use them as you like.
Comment and credit if you feel like it.
All rights belong to the original artists.

And, if you like a colouring, please request, here!
05 August 2011 @ 11:39 pm
Hello, again! Ramadhan's here again!

College's well, yes, I said it before, didn't I? I had my mid semester exam; English, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Science Computer. It wasn't too hard but the time was limited (it was only an hour for each subject and I heard a lot of sigh that there was not enough time!), I suppose. Biology... was hard, IMO. WHY PLANTS? Anyway, I am home for the weekend and it's great to fast and break fast with my parents. Since it's my first time in college, it's also my first time fasting without my parents -- so, being able to go home and fast with my parents -- AH, the bliss!

My nephew is being a sweet, handsome little prince. OH KIDDO, you always charm my dear heart. O//////////////O

Remember that I said I am working on a certain Pandora Hearts panel? It finished.

Also, I finished my first colouring request. A dear friend of mine asked for a colouring of chapter 58 cover of Kuroshitsuji, featuring Elizabeth.

featuring; Elizabeth Midford from Kuroshitsuji and Glen Baskerville and Jack Vessalius from Pandora Hearts.

Blue and SummerCollapse )
The series featured in this post; kuroshitsuji times three.

I am currently accepting colouring requests as a long term project!

So... I am indeed up to something even in college. Feel free to request, by the way!

How sad it would be, should laughter disappear.Collapse )

21 July 2011 @ 10:39 am
Hello. *grins*

I am currently taking colouring requests.

This will be a long term project since I don't want my skills to be rusty simply because I'm in college. I prefer medium to large sizes as long as it's not too small, distorted and low quality.

I'm not in the mood to colour anything that is too complex, nsfw and disturbing. Feel free to ask before placing your request, though.

Also, since this is long term, don't expect me to finish everything in a flash.

If you like to request, please include the page and colour reference.

Thank you.

ps; I'm working on a panel from Kuroshitsuji chapter 59. Guess, guess!
26 June 2011 @ 12:46 pm
This... is a parting post.

Hi everyone. In case some of you check out my journal, you will know that I am not always at home nor do I have Internet connection. It's almost a month since my last graphic post and I wish I can update more because I have things to share but time gives me a reality check.

I am in college.

Why does that sound so surprising and sad?

I suppose, because this is the last post... until the next unknown time?

Here's gifts to celebrate my hiatus, and trust me, I'm not willing to leave everyone.

Ooh. 33 watchers. I see it has increased. Thank you!

Series featured in this post; dolls by naked ape, vampire knight by hino matsuri, kuroshitsuji by toboso yana and aruosumente by aki.

I have been experimenting, messing around, and I actually like the mess.Collapse )
29 May 2011 @ 06:47 am
TweiMaVen refers to the twenty-eighth day of the month of May of the year 2011.
Series: Angel's Doubt (3), Kuroshitsuji (12 + colouring), Toxic (6 + colouring), naked ape [magnolia & dolls] (6)
Total icons: 27

A decent icon post for the year after my interest with icon challenges. :)

Comments are love! Don't hotlink. Credit is appreciated.


| |

It's Full of GreyCollapse )

Feel free to watch the community for future updates!
21 May 2011 @ 12:27 pm
Another... surprise!
I did say expect entries for Kuroshitsuji, don't I?

title; truth
from; kuroshitsuji by toboso yana
featuring; the young lady, elizabeth midford
chapter; fifty-seven, thus, a spoiler alert

Elizabeth, beauty does not consist of what's outside, it's what inside that counts -- the true you without any facade.Collapse )

Feel free to watch this community for updates!